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Experience The Future Of
Professional Networking

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World of Possibilities 

Using the latest technology to bring an immersive user experience to build your network.

Personal office

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That's right,
Now you can have your own office, not just a cubicle. User offices allow you to express yourself with the information you want to showcase. And people can visit you in your office. Build your own personal brand and showcase your expertise.

Meet & Greet Hub

Want to have a coffee chat?
Our Meet & Greet Hub is designed to give you everything you need for networking. You can build connections using Audio or video options. Without losing a bit of privacy, you can create your network in the Professional Metaverse.

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Showcase Hub

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Time to show off your presentation skills!
Our showcase hub has an immersive and interactive environment to run your presentation with a group of people. A virtual auditorium with a big screen and dedicated seating for the guest and host. Ready to shine when the spotlight hits you.

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Interworky VHQ Layout

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New Era Of
Professional Networking

Interworky's sole purpose is to provide a virtually enhanced safe space where people can build and expand their professional network. With the help of technology, we are eliminating boundaries and adding an immersive experience to human interaction. Creating a world of possibilities with comfort and privacy at its core.    

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Join the Beta

No limits to how you can access our metaverse. 

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Coming Soon..

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