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Conversations; Beyond That Slack Thread


Virtual Office

Let your clients and colleague know when you are online, customize your office and who can reach you.


Did someone say  1:1?



Create a Virtual Headquarters for your company, let your employees bond over shared music and spontaneous conversations, fostering stronger relationships and a sense of unity.


Also includes a Town Hall feature for employees and customers.

How it works ?

A metaverse built for creating connection moments. 

The way we work has transformed.

It’s time for an upgrade.


 Americans shifted to remote work after the covid pandemic.


Americans reported that lack of motivation without the traditional corporate structure.

 find it difficult to network and build relationships compared to their office counterparts.

Remote workers


Meet & Greet Hub

“Let’s start with an ice breaker”

But this time it’s more immersive and interactive.

How about building a relationship with Zach from IT for the next error you get?


While zoom and voice/video call tools came in handy after the pandemic. It wasn’t meant to replace our interactions and work style.

"Hi, Good Morning," at the elevator,                                       

"How is your day going?" at the coffee corner,

"See you tomorrow!" before leaving the office,

Interactions; More Than A Zoom Call.


Showcase Hub

This is the spot for this presentation with live feedback followed by a hot Q&A session.

Where are you hosting next all hands meeting?

Why Interworky?



Innovation is advancing rapidly worldwide. While platforms like LinkedIn excel at organizing networking and recruitment, they lack the spontaneous connections of bumping into a fellow Node.js developer and learning about the latest tools. 


After all, can you really trust the next LinkedIn post -GPT-?


Interworky hosts events in a Global Meet&Greet hub and Showcase hub, a great intro for sending a linkedin connection request or applying to this dream job.

Reviving the sense of community in remote teams

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